Super Amazing Custom Made Art. Based in UK. High quality and affordable home decoration LED wall art.
Super Amazing Custom Made Art. Based in UK. High quality and affordable home decoration LED wall art.
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FAQ - Questions?

How is the canvas wrapped?

Your canvas prints will be safely wrapped in protective materials and packaged in our own custom-made, dual-wall shipping boxes. These boxes are purpose-made to our specifications for shipping canvas prints and are designed to withstand even long international journeys safely. Our packaging standards have been refined many times, over many years and it is now extremely rare for breakages or damage to occur. On those rare occasions when incidents do happen we strive to ensure that your collection and replacement are organised immediately and shipped back out on a priority service without any fuss.

What happens if the something is missing or damaged?

All deliveries must be signed for (please ensure that the Products delivered match the driver's paperwork and that the Products are undamaged) and you should keep your delivery note and packaging. You are required to notify customer services by email or call us within 14 days if any Products are missing or damaged on delivery.

Your Right to Cancel

All Products that are custom-made ("Bespoke Orders") to your specifications and personalised to your requirements, and you cannot cancel your order except if you give us notice within 12hrs after placing your order. Once custom made orders are placed we get to work ASAP, so cancelling later than 12 hrs will cost us time and money.

For all other orders which are not Bespoke Orders, you may cancel your order within 3 working days after the Products are delivered to you ("Cooling Off Period") provided:

    • you notify us in writing by sending a e-mail at the address provided on the contact link, before the Cooling Off Period ends that you wish to cancel the order
    • and if the Product(s) have been delivered to you, you will return them to us (at your own cost) in an 'as new' condition as they were on delivery.

Cancellation by Us

We reserve the right to cancel any order (or any part of the order) if for any reason:

  • the Products ordered by you are no longer available;
  • the Products are withdrawn from our Service by the authorised licensees or the copyright owners
  • the Products cannot be supplied to you in the country where you reside
  • An incorrect delivery charge has been paid, however caused.

in which event we will notify you by email and refund any payments you have made for that order or that part of the order.

Are the measurements for multi-panel canvases for the whole set or each panel?

All stated dimensions refer to each panel in the set. The total span of the set can be found by adding the widths together. You should also take into account the gap between each panel; we recommend a gap of 1–2".

Photo uploads

How do I upload a photo?

We use Filepicker to upload and process all photos. This service lets you easily upload a photo from wherever it is stored: Instagram, Facebook, your computer, Picasa, Flickr. During the upload process, you should will see a graphic illustrating the progress of your photo upload. It may take up to a minute or two to upload your photo depending on your connection speed and the size of your file.

Once your photo is uploaded, we will attempt to crop it appropriately to fit your chosen print shape. You're free to change how your image is cropped by clicking the "Edit crop" button.

How do I transfer a physical photo?

If you are starting with a physical photograph, please scan your image into a scanner at 300dpi resolution for best results.

How do I get my photo from my camera to the computer?

Most digital cameras are sold with a connecting cable and software enabling you to automatically extract the photos from your camera. Typically, the images are then saved to "My Pictures" folder (PC) or "Pictures" folder (Mac).

What is the best file format to send my photos?

Currently we accept digital photos in all formats: JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc.

What is the recommended resolution for the image I send?

The resolution quality from most modern digital cameras is extremely suitable for digital reproduction.

For best results, we recommend using a camera that is at least 3 megapixels and an image that is at least 700kb in size. photo canvas print produced from images that are at least 2 megabytes or larger look extremely good.

You can check your photo's file size by right-clicking on the image, then selecting Properties, where the size will be displayed.

What if my photo has red eye?

Please remove the red eye from the photo before uploading as we will be printing your image in the same way we receive it. However, if the red eye is particularly poor, you may that applying using a black & white filter prior to uploading provides a good compromise result.

What if my photo is an unusual size or shape?

If your photo is an unconventional size then this is not a problem. All photos can be cropped to fit any size and the paper or canvas will be cut to fit the image perfectly.

For how long will my image be stored?

If you order an image, we will store your image file for a maximum of 10 weeks. After this period, we will delete your file.

Will photo canvas print be the same as the image I see online?

Yes, products will have the same scale and proportion as presented on screen. And if, for whatever reason, your image will not work on the product you've ordered, we will get in touch and work through some suggested alternatives with you.

Gift cards

Can more than one gift card be used with a single order?

Yes. Just enter each gift card code separately during the checkout.

Do I have to use the full gift card amount at once?

No, if your order costs less than the value of your gift card, the balance will be retained for you to redeem on a future order.

How can I check my gift card's balance?

The balance is displayed beside the gift card when applied to a basket during checkout. Alternatively, visit the unique link sent in the original gift card email.

Can a gift card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?

Yes, gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.

For how long are gift cards valid?

Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The expiry date of your card can be checked at the link included in your original gift card email.

Can gift cards be used in conjunction with a discount code?

Yes. Think of a gift card as just another form of payment. If you have a discount code as well, you can apply this during checkout as normal.

Can I use a discount code when purchasing a gift card?

Most discount codes cannot be applied to gift cards.