Super Amazing Custom Made Art. Based in UK. High quality and affordable home decoration LED wall art.
Super Amazing Custom Made Art. Based in UK. High quality and affordable home decoration LED wall art.
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About Laser Cut Patterns for Wall and Ceiling

Super cool room dividers have became more popular because they are a good way to segment a big room and organise several independent areas, pattern panel offer awesome room dividers which are created for modern and contemporary interiors. They are not only limited for the use of just dividers, laser cut pattern panels are good alternative to be installed as feature and general ceiling decoration, instead of just one ceiling light, it can be used as backlit ceiling or wall, deco lattice on windows or glass panels and mirror backed feature wall, also could be used outside decoration such as garden fence panels. The panels are made of PVC/WPC foam board, CNC cut, painted free. We could customise and cater to your project requirement, custom design to different sizes and thickness as well as using different material such as water-proof, fire-retardant, zero formaldehyde, non-toxic, moth-proof and etc. 

Quick Details

Type: Screens & Room Dividers, Ceiling, Wall Decorating Panels, Centre Piece Attraction, Garden Centre Piece.

Material: PVC/WPC foam board

Size available: 1200*600mm, *1200mm, 1830*915mm,1220mmx2440mm or  custom made.

Thickness: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 30mm

Density: 0.5~0.95g/cm

Colour: White, Ivory, Brown, Gray, Black, Teak, etc.

Finish: Matt/Smooth White/Colour on all sides.

Processing: Sawing, Nailing, Screwing, Drilling, Painting, Planning and etc

Advantage: Waterproof, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Durable, Recyclable, Strong

Application: Divider, Screen, Ceiling, decoration

Surface: Glossy, Matt, Sanding

Certificate: ROHS, SGS, CP65

Technic: CNC carving

Fire-Proof: Level B1

Advantage of WPC products

WPC products boast natural beauty, grace and uniqueness, giving it natural wood texture and gain similar to solid wood and creating plain feeling of nature, through different designs of style, unique results embodying beauty of modern architecture and materials design aesthetics can be achieved.

Safety: WPC products feature characteristics such as high strength and water-proof capacity,strong resistance to impact and non-crack
Wide Application: WPC products are applicable in a wide range of places such as home, hotel, entertainment places, bathing room, office, kitchen, toilets, school, hospital, sport course, shopping mall and laboratories etc.
Stability: WPC products are resistant to ageing, water, moisture, fungal, corrosion, worms, termites, fire and atmospheric damage in exterior and interior, they can help keep warm, insulate heat and conserve energy and therefore can be used in outdoor environments in a long time without alteration, embrittlement and preformance degradation.
Environment Friendly: WPC products are resistant to ultraviolet, radiation, bacteria; contain no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia and benzol; meet national and European environment standards, it meets the highest environment protection standard of Europe, it allows for non toxicity, odor and pollution as immediate move-in, therefore it is environment friendly in real sense.
Recyclability: WPC products boast the unique feature of recyclability.
Comfort: sound-proofing, insulation, resistance to oil contamination and static electricity.
Convenience: WPC products can be cut sawed, sliced, nailed, painted and cemented. They feature excellent industrial design allow for swift and convenient installation.

Test Items
Test result
Bending Strength
average:≥20.0 Minimum≥16.0
Flexural Modulus
Dimensional Stability
Nail-holding Ability
Shore Hardness
Expansion Rate of Water Absorption
Formaldehyde Emission


Custom Made Requirements

1/ Panel Design: you can choose from the design on our website or can send your own ideally in a vector format file.

2/ Dimension Size: Confirm the size width/length in 'mm' if the size are kept minimum the delivery is easier ideally under 1200mm*1200mm the delivery charge is more economical.

3/ Thickness: Confirm the thickness (if unsure please state where you plan to use, so we can assist)

4/ Colour: choose a colour 

5/ Quantity: How many sheets you require?

6/ Light diffusing sheets: Do you require sheets so that you can put LED light behind the panels and the sheets can defuse the light to illuminate the patterns? If so state the dimensions and the Qty.

7/ LED Lights: Do you require LED lights so that you can put behind the Light diffusing sheets? The LED Lights are measured with the total length of the panels and we provide remote control to change any lights you wish for your panels.

8/ Electrical certified builder with installation skills for these panels: Let us know if you want a independent specialist to help fit your panels professionally and electrically wire the lights. The independent builders contact number will be provided and they can quote you the price they charge on labour.

9/ Once your order is confirmed and you email copy of your order form detail, (We will email you the form to fill in) we immediately start working on the your project once payments are made via phone.

10/ Delivery date is estimated between 15-30 days depending on how big the project is to supply. We will always follow up to let you know when your items will be ready for transport.


Simply email us if you have something in mind and we will do our best to assist you. We pray that LED-SUPERART can Brighten up your home! Thank you :)